Crass release April Fool’s compilation of classic tracks for 24 hours only


This is no joke! Thrust into the middle of a satire-meets-reality political situation this April Fool’s Day, legendary anarcho-punks CRASS have a free download album available for 24 hours only!

In a punk genre packed with political aspirations, Crass were the real deal promoting anarchism as a political ideology and popularising the anarcho-punk movement. Fuelled by direct action, performances in squats, spreading anti-fascism messages and encouraging resistance of political authority through DIY leaflets, sound collages, art, poetry and film, they are the by-word for political punk.

The free compilation album Best Before 1984 (in reference to the year the band split) is available right now here: 

With classic tracks like ‘Do They Owe Us A Living?’ and ‘Immortal Death’ forming the 19 track release, this is an essential addition to any punk collection.

Speaking of the release Crass co-founder Penny Rimbaud said, “Crass was then and this now, but the lyrics remain tragically relevant, indeed, Crass were often so prophetic that it’s only now that their warnings might make sense to those who in the day preferred to keep their heads firmly buried in the sand. ‘Global warning? Nah, let’s go down the lido.’ Where the Pistols and The Clash now sit comfortable in the backlit annuls (or is that anus?) of rock’n’roll history, Crass continue to contribute to the ever-growing voice of global dissent.