Hear Peter Kernal’s hypnotic new post-punk cut ‘Men of the Women’

Swiss Canadian duo, Peter Kernal, are about to drop their third album The Size of Night which promises to be a leap forward for their hypnotic post-punk.

Vital precursor ‘Men Of The Women’ takes a cyclical and kinetic rhythm that boosts the restrained emotion of the vocals to mesmerising effect.

There sound fits the fiercely independent nature of their output (the duo release through their own On The Camper Records), and has taken them on a journey to be considered a vital live act with them amassing over 600 gigs in Europe and Canada including a 2008 UK and Europe support jaunt with Wolf Parade.

The band will tour Europe and the UK again in 2018 with a warm-up album tour taking place at the start of the year, with more dates to follow the release of the record.