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The best new music punctuated by inane music chat...

Ioanna Gika features on the second Bloopcast, new music podcast
Ioanna Gika

It’s that Bloopcast time again. Well it’s past that time! We got so inundated with great new music that we didn’t notice it wasn’t March and the March podcast hadn’t happened.

Never mind, here it is with some more of the incredible new music that’s been coming our way with chat from host James Thornhill to tell you what you need to know about each tune.

The second show has 15 essential new tunes including new music from the remnants of the Fall, French dream pop, stunning feminist pop and incredible experimental music.

Listen here:

This is the full tracklist of what you can hear on the second Bloopcast:

Teeth of The Sea – I’d Rather Jack
Stubbleman – Badlands Train
Self Esteem – Rollout
Brutus – War
Apparat – Dawan

Night Stages – Humans Against Time
Ioanna Gika – Out Of Focus
Imperial Wax – No Man’s Land
Malik Djoudi – Temperament
Housewives – Sublimate part 2
Tanya Tagaq – Toothsayer
Honey 2 Honey – Under The Hanger
Ekiti Sound – Miss Dynamite
Baby Vanga – Pure Feel

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