Music Bloop list – new music undercurrents – 02/03/2018

Bloop list – new music undercurrents – 02/03/2018

Peggy Gou releases new EP on Ninja Tune

Bloop is drowning under a literal tidal flow of incredible new music each week.This new weekly list will highlight the pick of this musical flow.

Spaer – For You

Peter Spears of Brooklyn psych band Psymon Spine has morphed into glitch-pop persona Spaer, announcing his debut record SPAER Vol.1 due on April 13th via Axis Mundi Records. First cut ‘For You’ is sad boy indie music getting a kicking from glitches, skull-rattling bass and disjointed beats. It’s soothing and challenging all at the same time.

E Ruscha V – Carried Away

Ever since the Beats In Space came to our attention, everything about the label’s output has seeped into our consciousness. This latest from Eddie Ruscha (leaving the Secret Circuit guise behind) is taken from new album Who Are You out today. ‘Carried Away’ is a perfect introduction to the free-form, transcendental wonders of the album which blends cutting-edge electronica with vintage analogue musings creating a romantic, serene electronic cut.

Hanz – Clutched

‘Clutched’ the latest cut from NYC producer Hanz is a surreal hip hop journey built on changing tempos, static beats and echoed, chopped-up vocals. Sitting between the work of anticon and the flow of Vince Staples, Hanz is a fresh voice on the alt hip hop scene. It’s just one sixth of awesome new EP Plasty II dropping 23rd March on Tri Angle Records.

Henry Green – Another Light

Taking obvious cues from Bonobo and Mount Kimbie, upcoming electronic producer Henry Green forges music more for sunsets than dark clubs. There’s a sense of space and natural atmosphere in this chill-out beats. ‘Another Light’ is perfect blissed out electronic to sink into.

Mary Yalex – Metallic Elements

Leipzig electronic alchemist Mary Yalex has created deep, affecting, organic soundscapes for her KANN debut. Taking the middle ground between free-flowing, dancefloor material and ambient bleeps Yalex’s new EP River pulsates with graceful harmonics, light tones and arresting rhythms. Opener ‘Metallic Elements’ is already a stand-out electronic track for 2018.

Grawl!x – Don’t Do It To Yourself

After experimenting with electronica on second album Aye! James Machin has built a work of orchestral wonder to boost his subtle dream-pop for third album Appendix due in April. Recruiting an array of fine Derbyshire-based talent (including arrangements from Richard Birkin and additions from Haiku Salut) this is an album where others have added to the established Grawl!x sound. On ‘Don’t Do It To Yourself’ Danielle Cotteril of excellent punk band Pet Crow offers beautiful guest vocals that dance and weave with Machin’s own. This is a great moment from a great album.

Skating Polly – Queen For A Day

OK, there’s not much new about Skating Polly’s post-grunge schtick but they are so damn enjoyable! A young band for who Hole or Verruca Salt and not the Spice Girls were their girl power heroes, they just get tighter and better with each release. ‘Queen For The Day’ enlists Exene Cervenka of LA legends X as a guest – that’s pretty incredible! Don’t over think it, this is great.

Holy Wave – Adult Fear

This Austin-based gang Holy Wave must have spent years in a cloud of pop-smoke assimilating the sounds of the Nuggets compilation and innumerable popsike compilations. ‘Adult Fear’ places them as classic garage-psych band preparing for a summer of love gathering. The slacker organ and big pop melodies creates a sepia-toned, sun-drenched haze to lose yourself in.

Shame – Lampoon

They hype is definitely a bit much, but there is something exciting about Shame’s confrontational rock n roll. ‘Lampoon’ is another frenetic slice of post-punk. Maybe, do believe the hype?

Jo Passed – MDM

Yeah, Sub Pop still have it! They’ve signed Jo Passed. Jo Passed are great. They are releasing a debut album in May – good stuff. For now there’s ‘MDM’ out in the world. In a bout of lazy ‘journalism’ let’s just say it sounds like an orgy of Pixies, Blur, Sonic Youth and Warpaint – or something, it’s good!!

Peggy Gou – Han Jan

Peggy Gou is a fucking maverick! You quite literally never know what to expect from the Ninja Tune signing. Here she comes with a stone-cold classic homage to 80s and 90s electro music like DMX Krew. It’s from the awesome new EP Once which drops today and is essential.

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