Music The fabric of: Brunch

The fabric of: Brunch

Brunch - indie band

Our new feature series, ‘The fabric of’ looks at the inspiration behind some of our favourite new acts. What influenced their sound, their outlook and what they are about? First up, we spoke to London slacker, noise-pop reprobates Brunch, before they take to the stage tonight at our favourite new Midlands live music venue, Dubrek Studios, which has put on many of the best gigs we’ve seen in the last 12 months.

Since forming in 2014 and through several line-up changes, the band have released a string of singles (including on for Fierce Panda), an EP and a full-length debut. Latest record, Useless, recalls everything good about 90s indie rock (there’s a lot of Pavement in their sound).

Of the challenge to pick five records that weave the fabric of their sound, Brunch said, “It’s really hard to pick five records that have been particularly influential on the band, so we have tried to pick ones that were either floating around in the Brunch consciousness when the band started or have affected the way we approach music since.”

They picked these gems:

Krill – Alam no hris (2012)

Krill are the reason Brunch exist (not sure how they would feel about that). We were heavily into them around the time we were thinking about starting what would become Brunch, and by a fluke we ended up getting Luke (the original Krill drummer) involved. I love the weird off-kilter songwriting, the lyrics nailing intense youthful self-analysis but also a real sense of FUN and catchy TUNES!

Kal Marks – Life is Murder (2013)

Kal Marks are another Boston band that we got into through Krill. ‘Life is Murder’ is just bangers from start to finish – their sound was/is a real influence: gnarly as fuck but with great melodies and a sweet vulnerability underneath the aggression. Don’t think we have ever got anywhere near what they can do though. They are just a great band, with wild sounding guitars, phenomenal playing and unique vocals. Many times, you will find Brunch in the car, putting on our best ‘Carl’ (Shane – guitar and vocals) voices and barking out lines – ‘god damn he’s such a prick!’

Garden Centre – Monster Energy (2017) 

One of my favourite bands/songwriters at the moment. Hard to pick one album over the other, it’s all great. Garden Centre are so good; they write these weird, beautiful, perfect pop songs wrapped up in their own odd little world. I find the singing very inspirational – it’s so free and wild.

The Wharves – At Bay (2014) 

We played with The Wharves at one of our first shows and subsequently got heavily in to this album.  The arrangements are great – they know when to leave space and when to go for it. It’s full of great songs too. I was listening to this a lot in the early days of Brunch and am sure it had an impact.

Built to Spill – Keep It Like a Secret (1999)

This record was a big influence – as I’m sure it is for loads of people. I remember listening to it a lot in the year before Brunch started and we’ve been thinking of it again more recently as we work on new stuff. We love the way they don’t rush things and indulge themselves a bit, allowing ideas time and space to develop.

Find music from Brunch on their Bandcamp page.

Catch them play, with support from Sex Jokes, tonight (22/06/2018) at Dubrek Studios, Derby. Find all the forthcoming gigs at the intimate venue HERE.


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