Music The fabric of: Thud

The fabric of: Thud

Thud - Hong Kong shoegaze band

Hong Kong based Thud are a shoegaze connoisseurs’ wet-dream. The five-piece take the best elements of classic bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Ride and weave them together into accessible indie dancefloor ready tunes.

New single ‘Ado’ produced by Hookworm’s MJ marks a step forward for the band, as they take on the UK as the first band to release on new indie label Ghost Crew Records, started by Matt Spalding, bassist in Menace Beach.

As the second part in our ‘The fabric of’ series, we ask the band to highlight the releases that are inspiring what they do.

Andy Timmons – That Was Then, This Is Now

Andy (guitar): I love this album very much. Timmons’ guitar sound is more relatable to me, he has a super great tone and control, and his vibratos and bends is simply wonderful. So this album affects me a lot and lets me know how put my “feeling” into our songs.

Cascading Slopes – Towards a Quaker View of Synthesizers

Kim (vocals and synths): This is the project by the former The Drums’ member, Jacob Graham, who’s now a member of Sound of Ceres. This album is essential because it shows the flexibility of the softness and tenderness in the sound of synthesizer, which is a quality that I’ve been constantly looking for.

Slowdive – Souvlaki

Sky (guitar): This is a classic shoegaze album. I really enjoy how the music creates an immersive sound space. Those instrument layers dominate their own frequency spectrum and work together so well. The album provides me a sense of the space. So, I would try to extend the sound space when I’m making music.

Sports – Naked All the Time

Wai (drums): The sound of drums [on this record] are great, blending dream pop harmonies into 80’s soft R&B romance, and that’s inspired me a lot for our songs. The simple, effective drum beat makes people fall deeply into the rhythms.

Tycho – Awake

Samuel (bass): This album helps me chill, all the time. They use more real bass on this album compared to their last Dive. The basslines and song arrangements have inspired my playing a lot.

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